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About Maco

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The mission of Maco Customs Service is to offer its clients the best customs solutions to specific logistic, administrative and fiscal challenges. Let Maco be the information broker between your company and customs. We do more than make customs declarations: we support our clients with innovative concepts, specialized software, permits, and consultancy.  (read more)


Maco Customs Service is an independent, specialized, and full-service customs service provider. Our clients can rest assured that the information the law requires them to submit to Maco, will be treated as highly confidential. Maco is privately owned and fully specialized in customs, and can, therefore, work together with all partners and clients without hesitation or complications. (read more)

History & Future

Maco was founded in 1953 by Mr. Theo Maessen Sr. The first operations took place in the post-war reconstruction period at the Dutch–German border near Roermond. The job was different in those days: you’d lean against a boundary marker waiting for the trucks to clear their cargo, and when the work was done, you’d drink a pint in the cafe with the customs officer! (read more)

Fenex membership

Maco is an active member of Fenex, the Dutch interest group for customs and freight forwarding. Fenex is a party to all important customs developments in Europe. (read more)

Organization Maco Customs Service

The clients’ wishes are a key element within Maco's organization. Our customs brokers are always willing to answer clients’ questions and help them with their assignments. Maco’s combination of brokerage services, customs software and consultancy allows us to help our clients respond to all customs challenges.

Fenex membership

Maco is an active member of Fenex.

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Informative videos

A range of videos to explain several customs-related regulations and aspects.

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