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Maco presents a new VAT application

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Maco has developed an application that enables you to automate your tax return, declaration of intracommunity services and Intrastat statement in an easily accessible fashion. This allows you to upload and process data from both your physical goods and your invoicing flow, so you have a fully transparent connection between your flow of goods and your financial flows. In the case of an audit, you can present a balanced administration and adequately service the Treasury.

The application is aimed at logistical service providers. The time-consuming handling of your VAT returns, including the limited fiscal representation and general fiscal representation filings, can be simplified with this tool and the number of mistakes reduced.

This tool can easily be combined with Maco's other applications, such as our customs software Maco Customs Connect (MCC), our EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) application and our tool for the calculation of excise tariffs. The generic and flexible setup makes the VAT application ultimately suitable for digital data exchange with other systems, such as a WMS or ERP system.

The advantages:

● You are complaint for you and your customers

● You have a clear overview and connection of your physical and financial flows

● you do not need to worry about possible additional tax assessments

● The tool is easy to use and to combine with other Maco applications

● Data interchange with your current systems is possible

● The setup of a custom-made interface is possible

● Clear pricing structure: large investments are not necessary

For more information, we like to direct you to our website or contact our Customer Service directly via +31 475 425 800.

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