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Case studies on VAT & Fiscal Representation

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Liquidity advantage

A German commercial firm imports thousands of containers from the Far East for various purchasers in Germany, other EU member states, and Switzerland. The goods entered the EU through Hamburg, where Einfuhrumsatzsteuer (import VAT) had to be paid. It took the German VAT tax authorities a month or two to return this VAT. By importing the goods through Rotterdam and clearing them in the Netherlands with LFR, a liquidity advantage of a few million Euros was created – which is very relevant for a commercial firm. The European requirements of the VAT legislation on fiscal representation could be met by making some adaptations to the invoicing and administration.

Do not register

A Dutch company buys goods on consignment in the USA. It wanted to be invoiced for these goods only when they are entered into the production process. Thus, the goods had to remain the property of the American company when they were in the Netherlands. This was made possible by clearing the goods with LFR. The American company did not need to register for VAT in the Netherlands. It only took a simple agreement between the American exporter, the Dutch importer, and Maco Customs Service to settle the administrative and fiscal aspects.

Value Added Logistics

A Dutch company specialized in value-added logistics was asked by a German company to pack screws from Taiwan out of bulk packaging into smaller packages. The screws are finally sold all over Europe in building supplies stores. Maco contacted the German company and suggested clearing the screws with limited fiscal representation. On the basis of the goods and transport administration of the Dutch service provider, the goods flow could be documented toward the final purchasers. The German client did not need to register for VAT in the Netherlands, and the screws could be distributed from the Netherlands without bank guarantees or any other obligations.

VAT registration

An Australian manufacturer of medical disposables wanted to enter the EU market. It also planned to develop a considerable trade in goods that were bought and sold within the EU. The company chose to ask for a simple registration for VAT. The company had no problem with paying import VAT since it could deduct it from the VAT it had to pay on its sales. Maco Customs Service applied for the VAT number and implemented the VAT administration. Together with a local logistic service provider that specializes in delivering to hospitals, a goods sales and inventory administration was set up. In close cooperation with the Australian client, correct invoicing was implemented and timely VAT declarations were filed.

DDP - Delivered Duty Paid

A video explaining the incoterm DDP or Delivered Duty Paid.

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CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid to

A video explaining the incoterm CIP or Carriage and Insurance Paid to.

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