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Maco Customs Service is a tax consultant on the import and export of goods to and from the European Union. Customs, VAT, and excise are complex matters and form a specialty within the tax community. The developments in tax legislation, computerization, and the growing complexity of international trade, require specialists to find the best approach to facilitate and organize the customs clearance process. Maco makes this knowledge available to its clients through its experienced consultants.

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All consultants at Maco Customs Service have superior knowledge of the details of and developments in the traditional clearance process. Also, they each have their specialization in fields like fiscal representation, origin regulations, excise, and computerization. However, their real strength comes from working together as a team in close cooperation with our international clients. We believe that the various customs disciplines have to work together to find new approaches for facilitating customs clearance processes. The cases this can concern are very diverse, such as distribution within the EU, VAT payments planning, trade in excise products, analysis of the origin of goods, and e-commerce tax concepts.

Maco likes to share its knowledge with its clients, because only together can we find the best approach. On our website, you can find several videos that provide insights into the most fundamental issues. We want to empower our clients to do as much work as possible themselves because there are often routine processes involved in repetitive clearance procedures. Based on a customer's case, we will assign the consultant best equipped to provide maximum expertise and help for our clients.

Customs and taxes are important matters that have to be addressed professionally. In the past, they were often regarded as a mandatory yet insignificant part of the logistics process, which led to many missed opportunities to, for example, save on taxes or the option to simplify procedures. However, Maco follows the principle that logistics should lead customs. We aim to find the best fiscal and operational procedures while minimizing logistics costs wherever possible.

Our consultants have broad international experience. You can communicate with Maco Customs Service in German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and of course Dutch!

About Maco

Maco Customs Service is an independent, specialized, and full-service customs service provider.

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