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Maco offers you a video explaining in a simple manner why Customs Administrations exist in every country of the world.

Customs Administrations have the job of managing the goods coming in and out of a country for tax reasons and for reasons of security. The European Union is a customs union, which means that from an international customs point of view, the 28 member states of the EU form one country. So, if goods are cleared for customs at the EU’s external border, they are free to circulate and be traded in all member states. To make this possible, there is one European customs law. The new European Union Customs Code (UCC) is phased in over the period 2014–2016. This new and modernized customs law is directly applicable in all 28 member states. It regulates, for example, that all import tariffs are the same in all countries. In the coming years, additional regulations, regarding more specific issues will be introduced. These regulations take the form of a directive, which is directly applicable to all citizens and businesses in the EU.

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FAS - Free Alongside Ship

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Customs Brokerage

Maco is a major player in customs brokerage in Holland and Belgium.

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