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Customs Brokerage

Maco has been an independent, specialized, and full-service customs broker since 1953, and is a major player in customs brokerage in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its international orientation and innovative approach allow Maco to offer its international customers a genuine advantage.

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Maco has offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Maastricht, and Roermond that can handle all customs formalities anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Maco makes more than 100,000 import and export declarations each year. Our experienced customs brokers handle, among others:

  •     Import declarations
  •     Export declarations
  •     Transit declarations
  •     Limited fiscal representation declarations
  •     Excise declarations
  •     Origin declarations

Maco is AEO certified and always complies with all relevant legislation. This may seem evident, but it is not always that straightforward. Customs law sometimes needs some interpretation. When it does, Maco looks for the best possible solution for our clients. If necessary, we consult with Customs Authorities in advance.

Maco's customs brokers are very experienced. Our team consists of senior professionals and agile young specialists. We can make customs declarations on short notice. Our fundamental principle is that logistics should lead customs. We do not want customs to cause any delay in the logistics process. Therefore, early communication and an extensive exchange of information and instructions are vital.

Maco likes to be challenged with new or complex situations. We love our job! Together with our clients we look for the best possible solution and clearing procedure to prevent delays and reduce costs.

Customs procedures in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany differ. Our local customs brokers know their way in the respective national situations. All declarations are computerized. Maco is the only customs agent to have developed its customs software. This software allows us to offer specialized services that no other customs service provider can. We regard the customs clearance process as a complex set of legal, financial, and logistics aspects. Since international trade is becoming more and more sophisticated, it is of crucial importance to reduce risks and liabilities for our clients and ourselves.

Through its offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp, Maco can offer concepts for customs clearance with fiscal representation in all European countries, including Germany and France. This service is focused not only on direct transportation to these countries but also on the distribution of imported goods in the European market, in cooperation with logistics service providers. For more information on fiscal representation, please click here.


Let Maco be the information broker between your company and customs. 

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Maco Customs Service has 3 offices in the Netherlands, Rotterdam being one of them. 

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