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The combination of customs software and customs brokerage allows Maco Customs Service to offer its clients innovative services. All customs declaration processes are computerized. Most of the information needed for customs clearance is digitally available. We believe that customs software should be readily available for the exchange of data so that costs can be reduced and processes can become faster and more reliable.

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Maco is the only customs broker in the Netherlands that has built its specialized software: Maco Customs Connect (MCC). We use it to make more than 100,000 declarations each year. Some 80 external companies log in to our servers to make their declarations with MCC. They work independently, but can rely on the supervision or coaching of Maco when specialized knowledge or service is needed.

Maco’s brokerage clients can log onto MCC in their browser to follow the declaration process. They can even take over certain parts of the process, such as submitting the declaration when the goods are available for clearance. Maco is continuously improving the software for the benefit of its clients.

The customs software of Maco can exchange data with any other software through XML files. This feature makes it very suitable to connect to logistical software or warehouse systems. The software is continuously being developed to facilitate maximum flexibility in the exchange of data.

Customs software is a particular type of software because it exchanges tax declarations on a real-time and online basis with tax authorities. We regularly update our software to keep pace with changes in regulations, which are often altered at short notice. These laws are very complex and ensuring that the correct data are exchanged, demands knowledge of both software and brokerage. In 2014 and 2015, the Dutch customs initiated the migration from old (Sagitta) to new (AGS) customs tax software. Maco was chosen as the first company to test this new software since we know about both the software and the customs aspects of the project. We are very proud that we were invited to participate in this unique project with the customs authorities. This systems migration is expected to be concluded in 2017.

Maco's customs software is very easy to use. MCC makes use of comprehensive templates to simplify recurring declarations. Checks and overviews are included in the software that help prevent mistakes in declarations. Reports can be made in many ways. The software is web-based and can be used per declaration, thus eliminating the obligation of a long-term contract. There are no license fees. Maco has invested in its hardware platform with a very high uptime. Both reliability and confidentiality are thus guaranteed.

New and innovative customs clearance processes are made possible by the combination of customs software, fiscal representation, and the full range of customs permissions. This combination has led to the introduction of hybrid customs services in which client and broker work together to organize the most efficient customs clearance process.

In the coming years, Maco Customs Service will continue to invest in innovative concepts that will lead to new product-to-market concepts for the benefit of our clients. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our current projects.


Let Maco be the information broker between your company and customs. 

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