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Fenex membership

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Maco is an active member of Fenex, the Dutch organization for customs and forwarding agents. Mr. Maessen has been the chairperson of the Customs Board of Directors for eight years. Through active participation in various consultative circuits between business and customs, information is exchanged, and decision making is influenced for the benefit of all participants. The complexity of the rules and procedures and the rapid developments in the field of automation and regulationsĀ make good communication between customs and business of decisive importance. Subjects that are frequently under discussion are customs software, such as AGS, Transit/NCTS, Export Control System (ECS), Automated Import System and the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), new customs legislation, and the organization of customs procedures. We use our position to promote the interests of our clients. We do so together with other active members of Fenex, for the voice of the trade and the industry will only be heard if it is collective.
Active Communication

Dutch Customs are known for their open character. They are open for discussion within the framework of the rules. There are often various, but equally satisfactory solutions to a problem, and Dutch Customs certainly know that. They set themselves the task of facilitating trade, and from that point of view active communication between customs and business is clearly desirable.


Maco not only pinpoints the trouble spots but also finds solutions. Dutch Customs stimulate innovation by applying new automated processes. Additionally, the business sector can help by making constructive criticisms and innovative proposals to streamline procedures and improve cooperation. In the best interest of its clients, Maco wishes to play a leading role in these processes.

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