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History and future

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In 1953, Mr. Theo Maessen Sr. founded Maco together with his brother Sjra, who died shortly after. The company’s first operations took place in the post-war reconstruction period at the Dutch–German border near Roermond in the Netherlands. The job was different in those days: you’d lean against a boundary marker waiting for the trucks to clear their cargo, and when work was done, you’d drink a pint in the cafe with the customs officer!

 Import and export

Imports and exports grew steadily – as did Maco: when Theo Maessen Sr. retired in 1985 and delegated his authority to his son Hans Maessen Jr., the company had four offices on the border with Germany and 12 employees. Hans had studied at various universities in the Netherlands and abroad, and he used the knowledge he had gathered to modernize and expand the company. The boom came to a sudden end in 1992, however, when Europe’s internal frontiers disappeared: 95% of all import and export operations ceased. Notwithstanding this, and partially thanks to an unsuccessful but innovative project, Maco survived, albeit in a slimmed-down shape. Activities were based on imports from and exports to countries outside the European Union.

Sagitta and Transit

The customs sector changed fundamentally following the computerization of the customs procedures, with for example Sagitta and Transit/NCTS. Until 2002, clients could only be served if they brought their goods to the Roermond office, but since then, it has been possible to serve customers all over the Netherlands from the Roermond office. For the first time, new service-providing concepts made it possible to innovate in the customs sector.


In 2001, Maco established an office in Rotterdam. Because of its service orientation and reliability, Maco Rotterdam grew faster than its competitors. In Rotterdam, Maco is now the expert on limited fiscal representation. The link with Roermond facilitated contacts with German companies, to which Maco offers an outstanding service and communication because of its native speakers of German. Maco now works for businesses all over the world.


Since 2004, Maco has dedicated itself to innovation and service. The motto “Custom-Made Customs” became the guideline for the provision of services. Maco was the first customs service in the Netherlands to receive permission from Dutch customs to keep paperless records. Limited fiscal representation was developed into very flexible concepts for logistics services and distribution throughout the EU. Maco is unique in that it can declare excisable goods from other EU member states both for excise and VAT.


In 2007, Maco started informing its clients proactively about all customs developments. An extensive website enabled customers to search for information in a customs “encyclopedia.” A blog keeps readers informed on current developments. Moving on from the daily practice of making declarations, Maco grew into an all-round provider of customs services. Maco received its Authorized Economic Operator for Customs and Security (AEO) certification in 2011.


In 2008, Maco developed own software: Maco Customs Connect (MCC). This entirely dedicated customs software is used not only by Maco itself but also by its clients to make all kinds of customs declarations.

The North Sea and Belgium

Since 2010, Maco has focused on the North Sea. The goal is to be able to service the Intercontinental flow of goods coming in and out of Europe through the North Sea ports. To realize this aim, the company opened an office in the harbor of Antwerp, Belgium.


When Dutch Customs introduced new customs software (a program called AGS), Maco was invited to test this software as a first user. The opportunity was used to introduce a new service called hybrid brokerage, in which a combination of customs software and customs brokerage provides a 30% cost reduction of customs brokerage costs to clients.


Maco’s future as an independent, full-service, and specialized customs service provider, lies in the provision of a combination of brokerage, software, and consulting. Maco does more than make customs declarations: it facilitates and implements the complete customs brokerage process in close cooperation with its clients, to make them more cost efficient and fully compliant.


Maco is focusing on new developments in e-commerce.  New methods were developed to clear scores of e-commerce packages in a compliant and efficient way.  At the same time, e-commerce merchants can increase their customer service. 


Excise is a very particular niche in the customs market in which Maco is specialized. Excise rules are different in every EU member state.  Maco is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany so that a large market can be served with excise formalities.


The new EU Customs Code will also provide numerous possibilities for innovation. Together with its clients, Maco intends to anticipate the far-reaching changes that will turn the customs world upside down in the years to come.


Let Maco be the information broker between your company and customs. 

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