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Maco Customs Service is an independent, specialized, and full-service provider of customs services, software, and knowledge. You can rest assured that the information the law requires you to make available to Maco will always be treated as highly confidential. A privately owned and financially healthy company with loyal employees guarantees that business is done honestly, which is essential in a sector in which risk limitation and compliance in the fiscal and safety domains continue to gain importance.


Transporters and forwarding agents know that they can entrust Maco with their client data – the lifeblood of their business. Maco always acts in accordance with all customs regulations. If these obligations conflict with the customer's interests, Maco will seek a practical solution that is acceptable to both the client and customs. It is in the benefit of the client and of customs that Maco always conforms to all regulations, because only then can they be confident that the obligations of all parties will be met in a satisfactory way.

CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid to

A video explaining the incoterm CIP or Carriage and Insurance Paid to.

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Videos on customs

Maco has developed videos to explain three aspects of customs.

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