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The mission of Maco Customs Service is to offer companies the best customs solutions to particular logistic, administrative, and fiscal challenges. Let Maco be the information broker between your business and customs. We do more than making customs declarations: We support companies with software, innovative concepts, permits, and advice.

Clever Customs

Under the motto “Clever Customs”, Maco seeks customs solutions that connect to the client’s logistical process, are reliable and flexible, and entail the lowest costs. Maco distinguishes itself by applying simplifications and innovations. Customs permits, certifications, automation solutions, creative fiscal approaches, long opening hours, skilled and experienced employees, and a strong financial foundation enable us to create a solution to each customs challenge.


Maco Customs Service always meets its legal obligations and also refers its clients to these. Fiscal risks must be excluded as much as possible. It is of primary importance to be compliant and thus avoid unpleasant financial surprises.


Because Maco is an independent service provider, we can assist importers, exporters, transporters, and forwarding agents. Maco consults companies from all over the world on all things customs. Data from and about our clients are always treated as highly confidential. Maco always balances the interests of its customers with the requirements of customs. By keeping to strict procedures, the risks for their internal business management, and therefore also for their company, are reduced as much as possible.


Maco can provide you with information about all relevant customs developments. Our website incorporates videos and social media to keep our clients informed about the latest developments. We actively draw attention to ways to improve and innovate customs procedures and operations.


The management of Maco gives its employees as much responsibility as possible and asks for integrity and service orientation in return. The team must be able to answer all questions that clients ask about customs and to point the way to solutions. The company policy is to place quality above quantity, and continuity above profitability.

Hans Maessen

Managing Director

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