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Specialty services

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Maco can offer specialized solutions for various aspects of international trade. These solutions are based on the individual knowledge and experience of our consultants, as well as on their collective knowledge. The key to these customized solutions lies in the combination of brokerage, software, and consultancy. Some of the solutions Maco can offer its international clients are:

  • Customs

How to organize customs clearance of and the trade in goods coming in and out of the EU in such a way as to minimize the payment of duties while achieving maximum flexibility, reliability, and compliance in trade and transport.

  • Fiscal representation

How to organize and steer the payment of import VAT to achieve maximum liquidity advantage and flexibility in logistics and trade.

  • Origin

How to apply origin regulations in a compliant way with minimum administrative obligations while saving on the payment of import duties in the country of importation.

  • AEO

How certification as an Authorized Economic Operator can help importing and exporting companies to reduce risks and uncertainties in the fields of logistics, customs, and security, while keeping an eye on the costs involved.

  • E-commerce

How the growing market of global e-commerce can be facilitated in a legally compliant and efficient way, to handle customs and VAT regulations so as to make maximum use of tax exemptions, VAT liquidity advantages, and competitive clearing costs.

  • Excise

How can international trade in excise products be facilitated within the EU and in the trade with countries outside the EU, using a legal and computerized infrastructure to handle these transactions in a cost-effective way.

  • Hybrid customs services

How the combination of brokerage, software and consultancy can be applied to international trade entering and leaving the EU, to achieve maximum efficiency while safeguarding compliance, flexibility, and quality in the application of all relevant legislation.


Maco Customs Service has 3 offices in the Netherlands, Rotterdam being one of them. 

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Customs Brokerage

Maco is a major player in customs brokerage in Holland and Belgium.

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