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VAT application

Maco's VAT application helps you with your VAT administration and can easily be linked to your ERP, WMS and financial software.

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Pragmatic and easily accessible

Maco has developed an application that facilitates the automation of your tax return, declaration of intra-community services and Intrastat statement in an easily accessible manner. This VAT tool offers companies the opportunity to upload and process data from both the physical flow of goods and the invoicing flow. By comparing these data, a connection emerges between these flows of goods and invoices. This relationship creates an entirely clear link between physical and financial flows, enabling you to present a balanced administration in case of an audit (for example one from the tax authorities) and to service Treasury adequately.

Also, Maco's tax application makes it easy to register warehouse stocks and to follow stock turnover.

Combination VAT application and Limited Fiscal Representation

The tax tool can be excellently combined with the use of a Limited Fiscal Representation (LFR) license. Such a license brings with it a particular risk. A balanced administration is of the utmost importance to limit this risk. Also, LFR in practice implies regular audits. With Maco's VAT solution, you are guaranteed to have a stable and balanced administration.

Combination with other Maco applications

Maco's tax application is suited to be used stand-alone, as a solution for your VAT administration. Also, the tool can be combined perfectly with other Maco applications: with the customs declaration software Maco Customs Connect (MCC) - especially in combination with an LFR license - and with Maco's tools for excise registration (Excise Movement Control System or EMCS) and excise tariffs. All Maco software tools provide in automated data exchange. This interchange offers considerable efficiency advantages.

Data exchange

Maco's VAT application has been built in a generic and flexible way, thus providing multiple options for data exchange with other systems.

The easiest manner of data interchange is a monthly upload and data processing for both the data of the physical flow of goods (for example, from a WMS or ERP system) and the invoicing data (for example, from a financial software system).

Maco's VAT tool allows for an export of these data from existing systems in, for example, XML or CSV format. Also, it is possible to design custom-made interfaces and as such, link WMS or ERP systems in an entirely automated manner.

VAT on import

The reverse charge system is available for companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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Export declarations

Export declarations are of growing importance to Customs Authorities.

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